Kemper Corn Fronts

Kemper Corn Fronts
Kemper Corn Fronts
Kemper Corn Fronts
Kemper Corn Fronts
Kemper Corn Fronts

Success through continuity

Know-how and experience provide the basis for innovative solutions and superior quality. For more than 100 years we have produced and marketed the best possible technology for professional users – worldwide. For us, “Made in Germany” is more than just a label. Product development, customer care and production are closely linked in our company. This is what guarantees continuous further product development.

300 Pro

The headers of the 300plus series cut quickly and thoroughly at a high speed of rotation. Up to 12 cutting rotors permit use with a very wide range of crops – regardless of the row spacing.

Kemper 300 Brochure

 Kemper 375 Plus - B&B Machinery

400 Pro

The Kemper headers with the ‘big’ drums are specially developed for high-yield maize crops with plant heights of over 4.0 m and all row spacing such as 38 inches (96.5 cm). Working width vary from 4.5 to 9,0 m

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Kemper 475 Plus - B&B Machinery

C3003 Pick Up

Get the maximum out of your forage harvester. The new Kemper pickup C3003 is especially designed for Claas forage harvesters. All components are designed to be very robust. Large high-performance forage harvesters can be used optimally, even if wet crop is raked unevenly. Just push the drive lever forward and test how this new pickup swallows the crop.

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Kemper Pickup C3003

ProfiCracker Processor

A corncracker is the heart of any chopper. The intense chopping of the forage has a great effect on the quality of the silage. Perfect processing places high demands on the cracker and the drive. Your success as a contractor or farmer depends greatly on the proper operation of the cracker. Take advantage of the high degree of reliability of the ProfiCracker™. Kemper relies on the many years of experience of Scherer Inc. (USA) in the construction of crackers.

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Kemper ProfiCracker - B&B Machinery