C-Dax Spreaders

C-Dax Spreaders
C-Dax Spreaders


The C-Dax SlugMaster is a heavy-duty 12-volt broadcast spreader that has been specifically developed for spreading bait in arable cropping situations.

The C-Dax SpreadMaster is a versatile general purpose 12-volt broadcast spreader that is suitable for a wide range of spreading and seeding applications.


  • 12-volt
  • 75 Litre capacity hopper
  • Up to 24m spread width
  • Applies 2.5–20 kg/ha
  • Five application rate settings

SlugMaster Manual


  • 12-volt
  • 70 Litre capacity hopper (60kg Urea)
  • 15m spread width (Urea at 10kph)
  • Applies up to 50kg/ha (Urea at 10kph)

SpreadMaster Manual