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Daken is a 100% Australian Owned and operated company, committed to quality and service to rural Australia in manufacturing, importing; distributing a wide range of farm equipment.


DakenAg slashers are feature packed to suit Hobby, Farm and Contractor. Features like floating headstock, laminated rotors, adjustable skids and quality components make a package built to work and last.

Daken Slasher

Post Hole Diggers

DakenAg produce 3 models of the 3-point linkage post hole diggers; Little Rippa, Series 503 and Series 753. Jibs are made with ample adjustment to achieve the maximum depth hole required. The Little Rippa is designed and suited to compact tractors with a maximum of 25hp. The 503 is a heavy duty digger with a rating of 50hp and is well suited to general farm applications. The 753 is a 75hp rated digger that is more suited to the contractor and those wishing to use bigger tractors. Augers are available in 6”, 9”, 12”, 15” & 18”.

Daken Post Hole Digger

Grader Blades

  • Reversible cutting edge
  • Strong, rugged construction and design
  • Left or right offset
  • Blade can rotate left or right
  • Cat 0 & 1 mounting
  • Headstock made from RHS
  • Blade can oscillate 180 degrees with left or right rotation
Daken Grader Blades


The DakenAg Rippers come in 3 sizes, 4’ with 4 tynes, 5’ with 5 tynes and 6’ with 6 tynes. Suitable for smaller horse power tractors. Ideal for ripping had pan soils, preparation for tree lines and upsetting rabbits.

Daken Rippers


The Daken Dillon Pasture Harrow helps bring pasture to life. These harrows are an asset to any farm wishing to rejuvenate tired pastures or break-up and spread manure quickly and efficiently. Available in 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’ and 14’.

Daken Harrows

Box Blades

The DakenAg Box Blade is a very use full tool for breaking compact soil and leveling. Ideal for filling pot holes or removing bumps and humps in your drive way. It comes with edges front and rear cutting edge and adjustable rippers.

Daken Box Blade

Stick Rakes

Spring tynes - replaceable
Rake comb can be angled left or right
Std Cat 0 & 1 linkage

Daken Stick Rake

Carry Alls

The DakenAg Carry-All is a versatile tool for your farm tractor, carry feed, fencing, spray gear. it's a trailer without wheels!

Daken Carry All