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The Scherer HD (Heavy Duty) Processor

The Scherer HD (Heavy Duty) Processor is the first in our line of processors custom designed for Claas® Jaguar choppers. In the 8 years Scherer has been producing the HD, it has become the premiere processor for Claas® 491 and 492 series choppers.  For 2010 Scherer offers the HD with our exclusive Pneumatic Belt Tensioning System.


Heavy 2

The Scherer HP (High Performance) Processor

The Scherer HP (High Performance) Processor is the latest in Scherer Processor design. The HP is specifically designed for the increased capacities of the 494 series Claas® Jaguar choppers.  As standard equipment we couple the HP with our Scherer Sentry Monitoring System and Pneumatic Belt Tensioning System for unsurpassed reliability and capacity.


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Scherer Processor Accessories

Scherer delivers innovative processors for Claas® Choppers that outperform and outlast the OEM equipment. Scherer also has accessories to optimize your processor’s performance like drive kits, the Lincoln® QuicLub system, and the Scherer Sentry Monitoring System.  The Scherer Sentry monitors bearing temperatures, oiler operation, and system air pressure to give the operator the information they need to avoid costly downtime.


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  • We've been buying new and used farm equipment from your company for over 10 years now and would not have it any other way. Your team have been key players in making sure our business keeps running consistently - Thank you for your consistent efforts
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