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kemper 360plus Harvest Header

Harvesting Header 360plus

The headers of the 300plus series cut quickly and thoroughly at a high speed of rotation. Up to 12 cutting rotors permit use with a very wide range of crops – regardless of the row spacing. Thanks to this row-independent harvesting

technology, the field can be worked from any side, which is particularly important for down crop. The even feeding of the harvested crop lengthwise to the chopper unit, and the tidy bundling in the special step feeder drums, permit full utilisation

of your harvester. The 300plus series offers highest productivity with maximum chopping quality whatever the width of the chopping drum.


  • Special, low-level external crop dividers allow down crop to be picked up more effectively.
  • The header is open to the underneath, leading to a self-cleaning effect. You can find an animation on the following page.
  • The mechanical lateral tilting frame is available as standard equipment.
  • Lower sloping conveyor drums in front of the feed rollers ensure active transport in the lower part of the material flow.
  • Optimum utilisation of the wide chopping drum is permitted through the enlarged intake channel. For this reason, the stepped feeder drums are located further to the outside.
  • The 2-speed gearbox allows the header to be optimised, so as to react flexibly to any crop conditions and cut lengths.
  • Bolt-on, easily exchanged cleaners ensure optimum function of the header – for user-friendly servicing.
  • Breaking up the sharp-edged maize stubbles avoids tyre damage, and ensures faster decomposition.

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